. Covid-19 | Blithfield SC

A sub-committee has been formed to create a recovery plan following the suspension of sailing due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Following Government guidance permitting a return to watersports and in accordance with Royal Yachting Association guidelines, a staged return to sailing has been established for Blithfield SC. Planning doucments and risk assessments have been prepared and together with a number of supporting appendixes can be found below. Please note that as a developing situation, these documents are subject to regular update and any downloaded copies may be superseeded. If there are any specific enquiries regarding to these documents, please contact Honorary Secretary or Rear Commodore.

Click below to download:

Document Version Date Status
Business Continuity & Recovery Plan 6 22.10.20 Live
App 1 Job schedule 4 22.10.20 Live
App 2 Health & welfare 4 04.12.20 Live
App 3 Work party risk assessment 3 30.10.20 Live
App 4 Clubhouse plan & signs 1 - Live pending update
App 5 Sailing and Covid-19 5 30.10.20 Live
App 6 Use of changing rooms 1 03.12.20 Live
App 7 RYA Schedule of guidance 3 03.07.20 Live
App 8 Activity Matrix for Tier system introduced 02.12.20 1 03-12-20 Live
App 9 - withdrawn - 03.07.20 Incorporated into App 5
App 10 Restart Sailing - Control Measures 6 30.10-20 Live
App 11 Reopening of the bar 1 04.08-20 Live