Blithfield Barrel 2021/2022 - Round 4

Updated: Feb 8

6th February 2022

A very cold wet and windy day, despite occasional sunshine. Plenty of sailors arrived at the club and a few even rigged in the wind. Eventually 9 decided to race at 1200 braving the challenging conditions. The wind was coming from Mark 4 to mark 1 with substantial gusts most of the time though there were some intervals of lesser wind. There were quite large waves as well to create exciting planing conditions. Too much for one mast in the second race.

There were more spectators watching than sailors and plenty of action to watch though the rain squalls made viewing difficult through the rain covered windows, and most of the capsizes were in the distance anyway.

The Barrel this year was won by visitor Mike Senior in his GP with Eden Hyland in his Blaze a close second -he'd have been even closer had his mast not gone. First Blithfield boat was Julian Bassett in his Supernova but he had had enough after one race today.

Only 14 members and visitors managed to complete 6 races this year, though over 50 took part. Final results below.

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