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Online Senior Membership Application

Senior Membership incorporates: A single member aged 65 years or over

Online Senior Membership Application
Online Senior Membership Application

Annual Senior Membership

Abbots Bromley, Blithfield Reservoir/Waters Rd, Abbots Bromley, Rugeley WS15 3DU, UK

About the Event

BSC membership is from 1st April to 31st March.

Those joining from 1st August please contact Membership Secretary for possible discounts.

If a member wishes to sail more than one dinghy, an additional fee must be paid for each

craft unless it is sailed only by junior members.

Entrance Fee- A once only entrance fee is paid when joining the Club.

Re-Joining Fee- Membership is deemed to have lapsed if the subscription is not paid within

30 days of the due date (1st April). The re-joining fee must be included with applications

and payments after 30th April.

Dinghy Fee/ Windsurfing Trailer Fee- An annual fee must be paid for a dinghy if it is sailed

at the club whether or not it is stored on site. It must also be paid if a windsurfing trailer is

stored on site.

If a member wishes to sail more than one dinghy, an additional fee must be paid for each

craft unless it is sailed only by junior members - in which case a junior boat fee must be purchased.

Boat Stickers

• All dinghies or windsurfing/paddle boards used at the club must be registered with the club.

• All dinghies must display the current year BSC sticker.

• All dinghies, dinghy trailers or windsurfing trailers kept at the club must be registered with the club and display the current year BSC sticker

• When the boat is berthed in the dinghy park, the preferred sticker position is on the mast, or the transom if the mast is stored in the down position

• Additional stickers are available on request from the Hon. Membership Secretary.

Data Privacy

The information which you will provide on this form and any other information obtained or provided during the course

of your application for membership will be used solely for the purpose of processing your application and if elected to

membership, dealing with you as a member of Blithfield Sailing Club.

The data will not be shared with any third party for marketing or commercial purposes without firstly obtaining your

explicit consent. Your contact details and those of your emergency contact will be available to Officers of the club if

circumstances warrant this.


As a volunteer run club, we rely upon the support of our members in running day-to-day events and the operation of

the club. Members aged 16 or over, who sail will be expected to help with duties on the Water, such as Officer of the Day (OD),

Assistant Officer of the Day (AOD), Safety Officer (SO), Assistant Safety Officer (ASO). Usually 4 duties per year is

the norm. Allocation of duties is by the Rear Commodore, but you may volunteer via the dutyman system (see website).

Windsurf/Paddle Board members users are also expected to help out with sailing duties.

Non sailors are always needed to help out in the galley, behind the bar or with other in-house activities.

You are not expected to carry out any duty beyond your capabilities.

How to join Blithfield Sailing Club online:-

1. Select the type of membership required (Family, single, Junior, etc) from the 'Main Online Membership' page

2. If you are a new member, ensure that the 'Entry Fee' quantity is set to '1'. Please note: This is a one off joining fee & does not apply to anyone re-newing their current membership

3. Ensure that the membership quantity is set to '1'

4. Select the quantity of 'Adult boats' to be included within the membership

5. Select the quantity of 'Junior boats' to be included within the membership

6. Press 'Continue'

7. Complete the membership questionnaire before making your payment.

Please note: The Directors & Management Committee of Blithfield Sailing Club Limited reserve the right to decline / refuse / cancel a membership at their discretion. In this instance, the individual(s) will be contacted informing them of the decision and membership renewals refunded.


  • Senior Membership

    From £36.00 to £159.00
    • £36.00
    • £159.00
    • £65.00



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