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Juniors & Adults


Our goal is to introduce beginners to sailing giving them the skills and confidence to take part in regular club activities. As an RYA recognised training centre, we have equality and safeguarding policies in place. As a non-commercial centre, our courses are taught by qualified instructors who are enthusiastic volunteers (and the occasional freelance) and want to increase participation in the sport of sailing. Our training sessions run throughout the Spring and Summer with integration between our junior, youth and adult programmes, allowing all the family to take part!

Beginners training will be conducted in the club boats, and assumes no prior knowledge of the sport, we will focus on the RYA classes: juniors will use Optimists, youths in Toppers/Fevas with adults in Wayfarers, although we may use other boats as required. Parents are encouraged to try sailing themselves (ask and we will find someone to go out with) or assist either ashore or on the water, whilst their children are being safely trained.

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Our courses

For beginners, our first intake for juniors & adults in mid May and follows the RYA programme. Training sessions for all levels will continue on Saturdays through May, June, July, August and September where the instructors will continue to guide you and improve your sailing skills in-line with elements of your logbook. If you were sailing last year, please join the refresher day at the start of April and then join the Saturday programme. Check the latest calendar here


Key to any learning is practice, and to facilitate this we run Saturday morning and Thursday evening FUN sailing sessions. FUN sailing is unstructured time to allow juniors, youths & adults to practice the techniques learned during training sessions. This in turn builds confidence and independence on the water, and most importantly, to get out there and have fun! Although there is no formal tuition, it is coordinated by the training team to help ensure that the activity remains safe and fun.

Young children are welcome at Blithfield SC, until they are old enough to understand the basic concepts of sailing, you are welcome to take them on the water on suitable days subject to your own capability. If it's too windy or cold for sailing, the sailing club is a great place to play!

Children from ages 6-12 are encouraged to join our RYA stage 1&2 programme where they will be taught the basics of sailing around a course in an Optimist dinghy. 


Juniors from ages 11-16 can also start at RYA stage 1 & 2 and will progress into Toppers once they have reached the minimum size/weight to handle the larger boat. If you want to try doublehanded sailing with a friend, we use the RS Feva.

Youths aged 17+ are recommended to sail a Laser Radial, which can cheaply and easily upgraded to the full sized standard sail when capabilities allow. 

Adult training at RYA levels 1 & 2 is conducted primarily in Wayfarers, which are an excellent and stable training boat. You may want to try out one of the clubs the other boats which are lighter, faster and more exciting! If you are thinking of buying a boat, look for a type that is already sailed at Blithfield, and speak to the Fleet Captains who will gladly arrange a trial sail!

For more information, please email:

To view & book the available courses please sign up & sign in on the 'Webcollect' page

Adult Start Windsurfing / Youth Windsurfing Stage 1 & 2.

RYA Start Windsurfing 

The Start Windsurfing course provides an introduction to the sport of windsurfing which will teach you the fundamentals to get you up and sailing around. There are no pre-requisites to this course other than being confident in the water. 

The course is a mix of on-land demonstrations & simulator practise, on-water coaching and some classroom theory.  

You will learn about windsurfing equipment, how to sail across the wind, upwind & downwind and turn around. The background theory will aid understanding of how the kit works and essentially give you the knowledge to stay safe when you go away from the training environment. 


This is a two day course - Start 09.30  Finish 15.45. Max 6 people per course. 

Please arrive 20 mins prior to start to allow time to Check In,  confirm Health Declarations and change prior to start of the activity. 

Prerequisite:  Confident in the water 

Youths – min 10 years old 






What to Bring: 

An old pair of trainers that you don’t mind getting wet Suitable clothing for standing outside in. 

A towel & swimwear 

Your own wetsuit – sorry we don’t provide these( full legs, spring/autumn 3mm+ neoprene, summer 2mm+ neoprene) 

Lunch & Drink (No catering on Saturdays & not every Sunday) 


What we provide: 

RYA Logbook (& certificate where applicable) 

RYA Start Windsurfing Book 

Windsurfing Kit 

Buoyancy Aid 

Link to “wet” your appetite - Sam Ross Windsurfing - RYA Start Windsurf

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