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Blithfield is a superb location for windsurfing & wing foiling. The water is large and exposed - perfect for blasting and foiling.

The Water

Blithfield is the largest reservoir is Staffordshire. During the summer months (start of April to end of October) we can windsurf / wing foil  on 120 acres of water and this is extended to 300 acres bank-to-bank for the rest of the year. The sailing area is essentially square, giving a great length of reach regardless of wind direction. The water is generally flat, but a decent chop can develop when its windy.

The water is free from weed all year round and the beach is shingle (so no mud!).


The Wind

Unlike many inland locations Blithfield is surrounded by open land (not trees) giving a stronger and more constant wind. If its windy when you leave the house its always windier when you get to the water! The prevailing wind direction is North Westerly (straight down the reservoir) giving perfect cross shore conditions.

The People

We are a small and friendly group with a large range of ages and abilities! We have a 'WhatsApp' group which is a great way of keeping in touch, getting tips and buying and selling kit.

Access to the Water

The water is open for windsurfing & wing foiling throughout the year on Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Safety cover is provided during dinghy racing, otherwise, two or more water users can operate a buddy system to look out for each other or man their own rescue boat. The WhatsApp group makes it really easy to arrange a buddy. There is generally always someone wanting to go on the water when is wind is blowing.


In the last few years foiling on windsurfers & wings has literally taken off at Blithfield! It is a great location for foiling as the water gets deep quickly with no underwater obstructions or shallow areas once you have left the shore. 


There is a lawn in front of the club house which is perfect for rigging. You can unload your kit straight from the car onto the lawn to rig and then directly into the water. 

Club Kit

If you don't have your own equipment, the club has a selection of beginner windsurfing kit which available for use by the members. If you are new to the sport this is a great way to get started.


We run windsurfing courses throughout the year. If you are interested in a windsurfing course, please check on the 'Training' page or contact


As a windsurfing / wing foiling member you will not be rostered any club duties as we organise our own rescue cover as required (via buddy sailing or a manned rescue boat). Of course, volunteering for club duties is always welcome.

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